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How Do I Become a Patient Care Technician (PCT)? Education & Career

Patient Care Technician

Entering the medical industry can seem like a long process and often discourages anyone interested in becoming a health professional, believing that they will invest many years of their lives to achieve it. However, there are careers in which in less than a year a person can practice professionally, receive official recognition and a fair salary for the work performed.

For Patient Care Technicians (PCTs), the benefits are diverse:

  • Option to work part time or full time
  • Constant employment opportunities as it is a career in high demand
  • Wide possibilities in the labor area: hospitals, health centers, medical offices, retirement homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, laboratories, among many others.

That is why there are more and more development and preparation programs where the student acquires the technical knowledge and practical training to successfully become a Patient Care Technician.

How do I know if I have a PCT Vocation?

A patient care technician, sometimes also called a Nursing Technician, is directly responsible for the care and accompaniment of a patient, providing general attention and the necessary care during their daily routine or for their recovery.

Activities performed by a Patient Care Technician include:

  • Provide quality patient care, including explanation of medical processes and emotional support
  • Collection of samples, tests and health evaluations
  • Review of health levels (blood pressure, vital signs, heart rate)
  • Patient care during food and beverage intake
  • Assistance in personal hygiene processes
  • Wound treatment and protection
  • Accompaniment and transfer to other spaces for medical analyzes or therapies
  • Among the most important qualities for a patient care technician are empathy, a sense of responsibility and teamwork. At the end of the day, the person performing this position becomes an indispensable support for patients and doctors.
What Are My Growth Opportunities?

As in any industry, it is important for professionals to know a route or plan for job growth. For a patient care technician, job growth options are growing.

Upon completion of the PCT certification, you will be able to take new certifications such as:

  • Male nurse
  • Clinical Administrator
  • Biomed Technician

You can start practicing the PCT exam today for free. Visit:

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